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Membership FAQS and Tips

Our new website is hosted on Wild Apricot (WA). WA provides us with a membership management system, a website builder, event management, online store and an online payment system. Moving our membership to a new system has made some changes in what you might be used to. Please email if you have questions about membership.

There is more detailed information about the membership features of the new system in a downloadable Online Membership Guide.

PALATINES TO AMERICA  is incorporated as a non-profit organization under an Ohio Charter, and, along with its conforming Chapters, is an approved charitable organization under Section 501(c )(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

To help us meet our goals and maintain our services--research assistance, publications, website, events and more, please remember to DONATE.

You can donate at any time, not just when you are renewing. Click on the link in the header on most of the web pages. To make it easy, you can click here:


AFFINIPAY is our new payment gateway within Wild Apricot Payments. AffiniPay has over a decade of experience in the payment industry, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Both AffiniPay and Wild Apricot Payments are fully PCI compliant.

Affinipay accepts credit card or debit card payments. You are not required to use the AffiniPay system to make payments. You can select to pay by invoice and mail a check in US dollars along with a copy of the emailed invoice, to the address on the Invoice.


The membership module relies on your email address to identify you. Please add to your email contact list. This might help prevent our email messages going into your spam folder.

At the top of almost every page, you'll see your name, a change password link, and a login or logout link. Click on your name to see your profile where you can view and edit your contact information and choose your privacy options. Click on Change Password to, well, change your password. If you are logged out, click on the link to get logged in.

Lost your password?  When you are at a login prompt, click on the Forgot Password link and you will receive an email with password reset instructions. Or--use the Change Password link at the top of the web page mentioned above.

Members will receive automatic email reminders when it is renewal season. You can then renew from a link in the email or from your profile. During renewal season, you will also have a pop-up message in the lower right corner of web pages reminding you to pay your dues.


Some information in your member profile is available for you to edit. You can change your membership name, address, email address and preferred phone number at any time. Remaining fields, such as chapter memberships, can only be changed during the renewal process. How do you edit your profile?

You can also make changes in your privacy options. You can view your invoices and payments and your donation record. 

Another feature in your profile is printing your own membership card. You can download the card as a PDF file or an image file.


Our family memberships are restricted to two people living at the same address. Wild Apricot refers to these memberships as Bundles. When you see the word Bundle, think Family.

One member of the family is designated the Bundle Coordinator and the other is a Bundle Member. The Bundle Coordinator manages the family membership. For more details, see the New Online Membership Guide.

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