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We encourage you to join us and take advantage of the fellowship among our enthusiastic genealogists. Through our National Society and State Chapters, we provide you a means to exchange and share information and research through publications, conferences, workshops, and our resource collections. As a member, you can discover more resources in our Members Only area. Take a look at our Resources page to see descriptions of our various resources and consider the Benefits of Membership.  

We have two types of memberships: Individual and Family. "Family" is restricted to two members living in the same household. One family member is defined as the Family Coordinator, and the other is a Family Member. Institutions and organizations are included within Individual memberships.

Dues include postage for mailing The Palatine Immigrant journal and are determined by your location using three regions: United StatesCanada-Mexico and Other Countries. Each membership category includes membership in one state chapter:  CO  IN  NC  NY  OH  PA. You may purchase additional chapter memberships and you may add an option to receive mailings of the printed Palatine Patter newsletter for $10.00.

Membership Application PROCESS

You can view a page describing the application process
You can download a PDF copy of the application process

If you prefer to mail in your dues, you can download an application form to print and fill out. Mail the completed application form with a check or money order in U.S. dollars to the address on the form. 

Email questions about membership and the membership process to
Use the links below to join online.

Residents of the U.S.

U.S. Individual:   $40.00
U.S. Family:   $45.00
U.S. Individual Life:  $875.00
U.S. Family Life:   $875.00
Additional chapters:  $8.00 each

U.S. Application

Residents of Canada/Mexico

Canada-Mexico Individual:  $53.00

Canada-Mexico Family: $58.00
Canada-Mexico Individual Life:  $875.00
Canada-Mexico Family Life: $875.00
Additional chapters:  $9.00 each

Canada-Mexico Application

Residents of Other Countries

Other Countries Individual:  $60.00
Other Countries Family:  $65.00
Other Countries Individual Life: $875
Other Countries Family Life: $875.00
Additional chapters: $13.00 each

Other Countries Application

PalAm National Conference, June 2022
Palatines to America National Conference, Denver, June 2022

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