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The North Carolina Chapter is proud to claim the early Palatine settlement at New Bern as a primary genealogical interest.

"When we consider the Latitude and convenient Situation of Carolina, had we no farther Confirmation therefore, our Reason would inform us, that such Place lay fairly to be a delicious County, being placed in that Girdle of the World which affords Wine, Oil, Fruit, Grain, and SIlk, with other rich Commodities, besides a sweet Air, moderate Climate, and fertile Soil; these are the Blessings (under Heaven's Protection ) that spin out the Thread of Life to its utmost Extend, and crown our Days with the Sweets of Health and Plenty, which, when join'd with Content, renders the Possessors the happiest Race of Men upon Earth."
--John Lawson's 1709 "A New Voyage to Carolina."

Today's Carolina (North Carolina) is different from the land John Lawson described. Its geography includes not just the Eastern section with "moderate climate," but a Piedmont full of pine trees and a Western mountainous region. In the same 18th century, a bit later than the settling of New Bern, Germans migrated down the Shenandoah Valley and found many places to settle. From sea to mountains, the history of the state includes some German culture, a culture we celebrate.

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