Ulrich's Lutheran Church in Eberstadt

Ulrichs Lutheran Church in Eberstadt is located next to the town hall. It has a defensive wall. The architecture is in the high-Gothic style seen in the pointed arch windows—the part of the church with these windows dates to 1477. In 1628, the tower was changed to a second floor with windows in Renaissance style. Work was done on the nave from 1584-1586 in Mannerist style. A baroque pulpit was installed in 1728 and moved right to the left. In a boiler room excavation of 1951, workers found remains of a Neolithic hearth of the Rossen culture. Georg Adam Blanck/Planck attended this church. Adam Planck arrived in Johnstown, New York, in 1760 or 1761. Adam is an immigrant ancestor of Ron Planck.

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