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Palatine Immigrant Table of Contents

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Volume: 13-3 Item: 3 Date: September 1988 Purchase Now

  • Early German Settlements in Present Day West Virginia by Kenneth E Carvell
  • Allemangel Huguenots by Warren J Ziegler
  • The Philip Maurer Family on the 1749 Ship Leslie by James M Freed
  • Palatines Just a misnomer for early German immigrants to America by Udo P Krauthausen
  • Descendants of Martin Hoffman Urbach Emigrant 1752 by Dorothy Worman Swezak
  • Why Our Family Changed Its Names by Jerry Emerick
  • Karlsruhe records 1661 by Michael W Wismer
  • Arnold Houp Hessian Soldier by Margaret Dieringer
  • The Little Chest that Crossed the Mountains by Ferne Reedy Lubbers

  • Volume: 13-2 Item: 2 Date: July 1988 Purchase Now

  • Shipwreck by Theron HL Arras
  • Letters from Odenwald Emigrants 1830-1933
  • Peter Arras from Brandau to a Friend in the Homeland
  • Adam Tracht of Raidelbach to Brothers Sisters and Friends
  • Heinrich Kriegbaum of Winterkasten to His Family

  • Volume: 13-1 Item: 1 Date: March 1988 Purchase Now

  • Northampton County Pennsylvania Sufferers at the Hands of the Indians 1755-1756 by Ruth Gaines Hall
  • Emigrants from Erbach / Westerwald 1744 1748-49 1752 by Henning Schroeder
  • The Young / Jung Family of Bergen County New Jersey and Rockland County New York by Marjorie Smeltzer Stevenot
  • Moravians in North America A List of Published Materials Helpful for Genealogists by Thomas J Haupert
  • Palatines from Rhenish Prussia - More Information by Roland Paul

  • Volume: 12-4 Item: 4 Date: December 1987 Purchase Now

  • Nach Amerika / To America by Ernst Schworm
  • Westrich Immigrants 1709-1799 by Bernd Goelzer
  • Ancestral List of 2800 Forebears Complied Through European Contracts by Dennis A Kastens

  • Volume: 12-3 Item: 3 Date: October 1987 Purchase Now

  • A Palatine Genealogy Tour by Ernest Thode
  • Bibliography of Reference material on the Alt-Lutheraner (Old Lutherans) by LaVern J Rippley
  • German Settlements at the Pennsylvania Frontier 1750 Excerpts from De Tar and Allied Families by Ruth Gaines Hall and Lucille Gaines O'Brien
  • Palatines of Rhenish Prussia by Marjorie R Smeltzer
  • Map Rhenish Prussia and Surroundings by Sandra Tennant

  • Volume: 12-2 Item: 2 Date: 1987 Purchase Now

  • Making a Research Trip to Germany A Few Hints by Kenneth L Smith
  • Emigrant Sources in the Hessian State Archive at Darmstadt by Frieder Boss
  • How to Improve Research on German Ancestors by Udo Krauthausen

  • Volume: 12-1 Item: 1 Date: 1987 Purchase Now

  • From Switzerland to America Contours of a Migration by Leo Schelbert
  • Our Enterprising Ancestors by Richard B Simons
  • Emigrants From Daaden Rheinland Palatinate 1753 by Henning Schroeder
  • Moravian Church History An Overview by Albert H Frank
  • Barnhizer/Bernheisel Family in Pennsylvania and Virginia by Carol Constance Boyer

  • Volume: 11-4 Item: 4 Date: Spring 1986 Purchase Now

  • Diary 1830-1835 of George Michael Herancourt Trip to America and His First Years in the New Country by Richard B Simons
  • Emigrants From Daaden Rheinland Palatinate 1753 by Henning Schroeder
  • Prince Bergstraesser Bites the Dust by Kenneth L Smith & Arta F Johnson
  • The Earliest Lutheran Churches in Westmoreland County Pennsylvania by Paul M Smith

  • Volume: 11-3 Item: 3 Date: Winter 1986 Purchase Now

  • The Brethren by Donald Bowman
  • Some Early Palatines and Their German Origin by Henning Schroeder
  • Saarland Emigrants 1709-1799 by Bernd Goelzer
  • Keeping Track of Those Family Records A Subject Card Index by Dennis Dearnbarger
  • Gottlieb Mittelberger Schoolmaster and Traveler to America by Freidrich R Wollmershaeuser
  • Genealogies and Reference Materials at Fonda New York by George G Tillapaugh

  • Volume: 11-2 Item: 2 Date: Autumn 1985 Purchase Now

  • Researching colonial Germans in the Shenandoah Valley by Peggy Shomo Joyner
  • Where to Write by Arta F Johnson
  • Clinton County the Northernmost Gateway of the State of New York in the Wave of Westward Migration Following the American Revolution by Addie Lawrence Shields
  • The Huguenots The Palatines and Others by Julie M Overton
  • Emigrants from Sayn-Altenkirchen 1780's (Rheinland-Palatinate Some Possibly USA Emigrants by Henning Schroeder
  • Basic Sources for Pomeranian Genealogical Research by Ronald Otto
  • Using Archival Resources in the Palatinate by Richard B Simons

  • Volume: 11-1 Item: 1 Date: Summer 1985 Purchase Now

  • Palatines to America The First 10 Years by Bonnie Everhart
  • Bergstrasser Bergstresser Berkstresser Descendants of a Hessian Prince by Raymond C Lantz
  • Memories of Grandma & Grandpa Dittman by Terry L Johnson-Cooney
  • The Waldensians by Michael K Vennum
  • Otto Average Consumer Packs His Bags Many Citizens Try a New Life in the USA After the Second World War by Dieter Preuss & Joachim Himmerle

  • Volume: 10-4 Item: 4 Date: Spring 1985 Purchase Now

  • Genealogy in the Palatinate by Bernd Goelzer
  • German Naming Practices by Arta F Johnson
  • Zeitgeist und Wanderlust by Bruce W Barnes
  • Never Dreamt of Emigration-Nazis Drove Me Away From Home by Joachim Hemmerle & Dieter Preuss

  • Volume: 10-3 Item: 3 Date: Winter 1985 Purchase Now

  • Contributions of Palatines to American Freedom by Richard E Werstler
  • Stay Three Steps Away From Me - You Beggar Faces Remigrants Disliked and Treated Like Vagrants by Dieter Preuss & Joachim Himmerle
  • The Berczy Settlement Markham Township Upper Canada by Marjorie R Smeltzer
  • Emigrants from Ilbesheim near Landau (Rheinland-Pfalz) 1725-1834 by Bernd Goelzer
  • Research Tips from the 1984 Michigan Chapter Conference by Shirley A Krempel
  • Poor People are Paid a Subsidy to Emigrate by Joachim Hemmerle & Dieter Preuss

  • Volume: 10-2 Item: 2 Date: Autumn 1984 Purchase Now

  • The Aurandt Ancestors of David William Otto by Ronald Otto
  • Punishment for Serfs and Free Subjects in the Palatine Electorate Who Emigrate Without Prior Permission by Dieter Preuss & Joachim Hemmerle
  • Part II Lindethal's List The Emigrants to America from the City and Surrounding Area of Wetzlar 1850-1869 by Bernd K Lindenthal
  • Forty-Eighters as Freedom Fighters in Baden and in the Civil War by Joachim Hemmerle & Dieter Preuss
  • The German Reformed Church Research Report by Michael K Vennum

  • Volume: 10-1 Item: 1 Date: Summer 1984 Purchase Now

  • Researching Palatines in New York State by Nancy V Kelly
  • Canaan: The Promised Land - Longed For but Never Found Experiences of those who traveled from Germany to North America by Dieter Preuss & Joachim Hemmerle
  • Part I Lindenthal's List The Emigrants to America From the City and Surrounding Area of Wetzlar 1850-1869 by Bernd K Lindenthal
  • Palatine Peasant Louts and Other Settlers (Benjamin Franklin's Xenophobia) by Joachim Hemmerle & Deiter Preuss

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