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Palatine Immigrant Table of Contents

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Volume: 17-2 Item: 2 Date: March 1992 Purchase Now

  • From Ireland to America The Immigration of Irish Palatines to New York and Ontario by Carolyn A Heald
  • The Freeburger Family of Baltimore by Michael A Ports
  • Linkage and Sibling Clusters in Areas of Schleswig-Holstein Where some of the Population used Patronymics by Gerald M Haslam
  • 450 Year Annweiler German-Registry 1477-1927 by Dennis A Kastens

  • Volume: 17-1 Item: 1 Date: January 1992 Purchase Now

  • Old Medical Terms Especially as Found on Death Records by Robert A McDougal
  • Johannes and Lucas Teeple Early 1700's Emigrants to Somerset County New Jersey by Lois Stewart
  • The Role of the Old High German Sound Shift in Genealogical Research by Roger P Minert
  • Hess Family Bavarian Palatinate - Niederbronn Alsace to Ohio and Indiana by Frieda K Ewing

  • Volume: 16-4 Item: 4 Date: November 1991 Purchase Now

  • Loyalist-Canada Palatines Connections by Violet D Fallone
  • John Morehart / Morhart 1758-1815 Pennsylvania German Revolutionary War Veteran by William B Morehart
  • A Genealogical Visit to the St Louis Public Library by Ronald L Otto

  • Volume: 16-3 Item: 3 Date: September 1991 Purchase Now

  • A Trip to Poland East and West Germany with Pommerschen Verein Freistadt Group August 1990 by Mary Manning
  • Allied Family Vosseller Fusler Vosler Vusler Vossler by Lois Stewart
  • Dead End A Shatto Connection by Dale JJ Leppard
  • Journey Into My Past by Nancy E Schanes
  • The Family of Anna Marie Vogel by John T Woodruff

  • Volume: 16-2 Item: 2 Date: Summer 1991 Purchase Now

  • Letter from Simon Hopp Governor of Welmingen Baden During the Thirty Year War 1618-1648
  • The Saga of Lizzie Shaffer by Richard B Simons
  • Ruckenbrods and Others from Malmsheim Germany by R Craig Bailey
  • Beginners' Pocket Guide to German Genealogical Research by John Terence Golden
  • Letter from Carl and Wilhelm Mayer in Illinois to Their Parents in Germany 1855
  • Note on Ancestry of General Norman Schwarzkopf

  • Volume: 16-1 Item: 1 Date: Spring 1991 Purchase Now

  • Early Catholic Immigrants to New Jersey Iron Mills by Walter Petto
  • The Search for the Birthplace of Stephan Wunder / Stephen Wonder An 18th Century Pennsylvania German by Jane Wonders Stitt
  • The Other Palatines in America by Edward R Brandt
  • The John Conrad Baker Family From Bond Servants to Substantial Citizens by Richard B Simons
  • The Ancestry Line of Henry Staub in Eppingen Grand Dukedom of Baden by William Henry Staub Jr

  • Volume: 15-4 Item: 4 Date: Winter 1990 Purchase Now

  • George Shambach the Elder by Dale JJ Leppard
  • Books For Beginning Genealogists by Joseph P Barnes
  • Kuntz / Cuntz of Niederbronn Alsace by Frieda Krueger Ewing
  • The Palatines of County Limerick by Austin Bovenizer
  • Milwaukee Genealogical Sources for German-American Research by Ronald Otto & Joan Luetzow
  • Daniel Kunkler of Switzerland and Pennsylvania by Ronald Secord

  • Volume: 15-3 Item: 3 Date: Autumn 1990 Purchase Now

  • German Emigration to America by Erwin Bergstrasser
  • The Fulmer Family of New York State by Erwin W Fellows
  • Palatines with Colonel Stumpel in London 1764
  • The South Carolina Palatines of 1764 by Gordon A Rampy
  • Chicago Genealogical Sources for the German-Born Ancestor by Ronald L Otto

  • Volume: 15-2 Item: 2 Date: Summer 1990 Purchase Now

  • Tracing Germans in Midwestern Cities by Ronald L Otto
  • Smith / Schmidt and Allied Families of Berks Bucks Montgomery and Lehigh Counties in Pennsylvania by Russell G LeVan
  • German Archives Where Do I Find Church Registers Civil Records and State Archives I Need for My Research by Henning Schroder
  • How Many Ancestors How Many Descendants by Frances Griebling Shanor
  • Henry and Marie Struve by Dale JJ Leppard
  • The Family Finkbeiner by Dale JJ Leppard

  • Volume: 15-1 Item: 1 Date: Spring 1990 Purchase Now

  • Wogadeutsch-Unsere Leute Volga German-Our People by Blanche Fritz
  • German Roman Catholic Clergy in Michigan by Julie Overton
  • Short and Concise Advice for Emigrants from Der Main und Taubberbote
  • Library research in Pennsylvania by Jean Sansenbaugher Morris
  • The Family History Library by Joy Wade Moulton

  • Volume: 14-4 Item: 4 Date: Winter 1989 Purchase Now

  • Hier Wo Die Freyheits-Fahne Weht Here Where Freedom's Flag Waves by James J Divita
  • The Hacker Hocker Hockert Heritage by William O Wingeard
  • Maria Anna Kling's Dower Chest by Richard Baker Simons
  • The Treatment of German Emigrants in New York 1850 from Der Main und Tauberbote
  • Civil War Diary of Friedrich August Braeutigam (Brautigam Brantigam)

  • Volume: 14-3 Item: 3 Date: Autumn 1989 Purchase Now

  • Tracing An Immigrant Ancestor Through the Naturalization Records by Judith G Cetina
  • German Catholic Clergy in Maryland 1892 translation by Julie M Overton
  • Pedigree Chart by Frieda Krueger Ewing
  • Johann Jacob Kuntz / Cuntz (1692-1754) Family by Dale JJ Leppard
  • Look for Your Roots Where the Family Tree Was Planted by Thelma Poorbaugh Zeitler

  • Volume: 14-2 Item: 2 Date: June 1989 Purchase Now

  • he American Geographical Society Collection by Maralyn A Wellauer
  • Lehmann Family of Blankenloch by Dale JJ Leppard
  • The Palatine Story by George A Evans

  • Volume: 14-1 Item: 1 Date: March 1989 Purchase Now

  • The Moravian Easter Sunrise Service by Bonnie Everhart
  • The Rhine / Hesse Palatine Lines of the Bergstraesser Family Author's Revision by Erwin Bergstraesser
  • Trails West The Simonis Family in Queidersbach by Ira William Simon
  • Some Suggestions on Tracing Emigrants Through Hamburg Police Records by Martin AA Diestler
  • History of the German Evangelical Churches in Cincinnati Ohio
  • Peter Lutz 1720-1803 and Many of His Descendants [addenda] by Warren J Ziegler

  • Volume: 13-4 Item: 4 Date: December 1988 Purchase Now

  • Some Aspects of the New IGI by Martin AA Diestler
  • Some Braasch and Zander Families of Cook County Illinois and Kreis Anklam Pomerania by Ronald L Otto
  • The Guth Family Tree (1898) by George Frederick Guth with additions by Ronald C Guth
  • Pottieger Pfattheicher Research in Pennsylvania and Spock Germany by Cecil PE Pottieger
  • The Rhine / Hesse Palatine Lines of the Bergstraesser Family by Erwin Bergstraesser

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