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Palatine Immigrant Table of Contents

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Volume: 24-4 Item: 4 Date: September 1999 Purchase Now

  • Tricks of the Trade Things You Really Need to Know to Track Down Germans by Dr Dorothy A Boyd-Rush
  • Emigrants from Haheinud by Gerhard Hah
  • Palatines to America Tour April 26-May 9 1999 Notes from Tour Participants
  • Local Historians by D James Crawfish
  • Visiting Some Archives in Speyer Germany by Consuela Hauser
  • Search for Peter Haag of Bebelsheim Bayern by Sandra Haag Hayden
  • Heinrich Decker of Thallichtenberg by Joyce E Decker
  • Thorn Gaversheim by Robert Bjorkman

  • Volume: 24-3 Item: 3 Date: June 1999 Purchase Now

  • Letter to Caspar Haas in Philadelphia from his mother in Germany 10 May 1769
  • Finding your roots in Wurttemburg
  • Concerning Genealogy by Johannes J Hans Gombert
  • Defeat or Liberation How Germans found their way out of their darkest hour by Thomas Kielinger

  • Volume: 24-2 Item: 2 Date: March 1999 Purchase Now

  • Palatine Emigration to America Since 1709 by Karl Heinz Danner
  • Emigrants from Pirmasens in the 19th Century by Robert & Clara Harsh
  • History and Genealogy by A Gaylord Obern
  • In Memoriam - Jack Quinn
  • German Catholic Clergy in Southeastern USA by Julie M Overton

  • Volume: 24-1 Item: 1 Date: December 1998 Purchase Now

  • Friedrichsdorf in Taunus - Huguenots in German by Karen Gross
  • Missing Baltimore Arrivals in Germans to America by Antonius Holtman
  • The Seeking Vine Stutt/Irish Palatine Family 1709-1918 by Eunice (Stutt Davis) Streeter
  • Germantown Pennsylvania by Betty Randall
  • The Pastorius-Haus in bad Windsheim
  • The Mattil Connection by A Gaylord Obern

  • Volume: 23-4 Item: 4 Date: September 1998 Purchase Now

  • Visiting Your Ancestral Village by LT Ostwald
  • William Gundry Broughton by Clara Hickox Harsh
  • Dahn Germany Family Registry 1500 - 1725 by Dennis A Kastens
  • Report of a Journey Muhlhausen Germany to Baringhup Australia by Ernst Emil Schmidt (1873)

  • Volume: 23-3 Item: 3 Date: June 1998 Purchase Now

  • Researching the Burger and Dzsadon Families in Upper Hungary by Shirley Merdes
  • Selected Bibliography for German and Swiss Emigration Research by Annette K Burgert Henry Z Jones Jr and Marilyn Wellauer
  • Mail Order Genealogy - Revisited by Roger P Minert
  • Native Dress Fashion or Costume
  • Germans Seeking American Relatives

  • Volume: 23-2 Item: 2 Date: March 1998 Purchase Now

  • The Hambach Festival of 1832 by Hans-Jegern Wunschel
  • The Balliets of Pennsylvania and of the Dakotas by Pierre Balliet
  • Ancestral Home Town Photos & Videos
  • German Swiss and French Immigrants to Ohio Via New Orleans 1830-1850 by Richard B Simons
  • Ohio Death Record Searching

  • Volume: 23-1 Item: 1 Date: December 1997 Purchase Now

  • German Tribes - Their Places in the Early History of Germany by Robert S Rudy
  • Other Ancient German Tribes by Robert S Rudy
  • Certain Areas Associated with names of German Tribes Identified by Historians at Certain Times by Robert S Rudy
  • LeHavre Emigration Records by John Terence Golden
  • Publications by Dr Marie-Louise Seidenfaden
  • A Krefeld Honeymoon by Jane Berninghausen Sarnoff
  • Commonalities Between English and German by Eberhard Reichmann

  • Volume: 22-4 Item: 4 Date: September 1997 Purchase Now

  • The Jamestown Germans by Don Heinrich Tolzmann
  • In Memoriam - Julie M Overton
  • Repair and Preservation of Documents by Andrea Ernest
  • About Dialects and High German by Eberhard Reichmann

  • Volume: 22-3 Item: 3 Date: June 1997 Purchase Now

  • Pomeranian Records by Leroy Boehlke
  • Governor's Island Palatine Port of Entry by Matthew Stanley
  • In Search of Peter Ihrig's Forbearers by Liz McLendon
  • From Schleswig-Holstein to Australia by Val Bugge-Rowley
  • When is a Name Right by Carol Constance Boyer
  • Pitfalls and No End to Them by Antonius Holtmann
  • Germans to America 50 Volumes that are NOT to be trusted - Addition
  • Passenger List Research Using the Glazier / Filby Index The Lindenberg Family of Columbus Ohio by John Terence Golden
  • Searching for Mohr or Maurer Try Moore by George Moore
  • In Memoriam Geart B Droege

  • Volume: 22-2 Item: 2 Date: March 1997 Purchase Now

  • Our Huguenot Heritage by Betty G Massman
  • Baumgartners and Others of Schwaigern bei Heilbronn by Jack Quinn
  • The Distelhorst Family of Bremen Germany
  • Germans to America 50 Volumes that are NOT to be trusted by Antonius Holtmann
  • Zion Hill Baptist Brethren by Conrad Riffle

  • Volume: 22-1 Item: 1 Date: December 1996 Purchase Now

  • Tracing the Wegner Family from Pomerania by Edith Wegner Levin
  • In Memoriam Raymond C Bosserman
  • Ostfriesian Research American Sources and Suggestions by Michael John Neill
  • Emigrants From Oberrotweil Baden Germany by John Georg Blum

  • Volume: 21-4 Item: 4 Date: September 1996 Purchase Now

  • The Elzroth / Elseroad Family Early Palatines and their Roots in Germany by Udo P Krauthausen
  • Pioneer German Turners [Turnerbundes] in North America 1848-1862 - Index to Names
  • The Thaeter Family of New York - Correction
  • Saanen Switzerland Protestant Family Registry 1557-1581 by Dennis A Kastens
  • Beer on Sunday Trial 1858
  • North Frisian Emigrant Archive

  • Volume: 21-3 Item: 3 Date: June 1996 Purchase Now

  • Toll Stations Along the Rhine by Richard Remer
  • I'm only sorry I didn't cross the Big Ocean earlier [Abstracts of] Letters from America written by emigrants from the Lubbecke area collected by Heinz-Ulrich Kammeier Germany / Abstracts by Julie M Overton
  • Conrad Keck - Frederick Keck by Hilary J Rauch
  • Oldenburg / Lower Saxon Research Center / NAUSA

  • Volume: 21-2 Item: 2 Date: march 1996 Purchase Now

  • Diary of a Voyage from Habitzheim in the Grand Duchy of Hessen to Baltimore in North America by Heinrich Haas 1831 with continuation by Flora C Lee 1995
  • Pirmasens Shoe Capital of Germany
  • The Thaeter Family of New York Where Did They Go by Philip H Teeter
  • German Language Changes: The Call Name Was More Important and Less Changeable by Udo P Krauthanusen

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