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Palatine Immigrant Table of Contents

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Volume: 28-3 Item: 3 Date: June 2003 Purchase Now

  • Mining to the Max Or Digging in a Passenger List by Henry E Tharp
  • The Hite Surname and its Variants, Grouping Different Families with Y-Chromosome Testing by Richard Hite
  • Ask Ernie by Ernest J Thode
  • Lutheran Evangelical Almanac of 1902 Deaths
  • The Shipwreck of the Powhattan by Karl Althoff Translated by Herman A Hartmann

  • Volume: 28-2 Item: 2 Date: March 2003 Purchase Now

  • From Saarland to Pennsylvania Archives Jackpot by Gary K Weeter
  • Ask Ernie by Ernest J Thode
  • Brethren Connections by Rebecca Rector MLS
  • Dort Drunne Deheem (reprint) Poem sent by Dr Karl H Danner

  • Volume: 28-1 Item: 1 Date: December 2002 Purchase Now

  • Ask Ernie by Ernest J Thode
  • John Wiant of Albemarle County Virginia A Hessian POW in America by Allen Wiant
  • A Friedline Genealogy From Immigrant Johann Ludwig Friedlein of Pennsylvania to Some Indiana Descendants by J Bruce Amstutz
  • Sources on Emigration Found in the Staatsarchiv Bremen from the Staatsarchiv Bremen
  • Dort Drunne Deheem Poem sent by Dr Karl H Danner
  • Research Tips

  • Volume: 27-4 Item: 4 Date: September 2002 Purchase Now

  • Ask Ernie by Ernest J Thode
  • Heraldic Genealogy The Deepest Roots of Degenstein by Dieter Birk PhD
  • Transplanted but Not Uprooted 19th Century Immigrants from Hessen-Darmstadt in Wisconsin by Dr Helmut Schmahl

  • Volume: 27-3 Item: 3 Date: June 2002 Purchase Now

  • Ask Ernie by Ernest J Thode
  • Archives Related to Palatine Research by Michael E Hager
  • Germans to America in Three Parts Pitfalls without End by Antonius Holtmann translated by La Vern J Rippley

  • Volume: 27-2 Item: 2 Date: March 2002 Purchase Now

  • Ask Ernie by Ernest J Thode
  • Emigration from Forchheim Marsch and Neuburgweier (Baden) in the 18th and 19th Centuries by Dr Ruth G Brantley

  • Volume: 27-1 Item: 1 Date: December 2001 Purchase Now

  • Ask Ernie by Ernest J Thode
  • A Routine Topic Called The Generals Baggage by Richard Barclay Vogenitz Lt Col Ret
  • A Short Description of my Voyage From Plech to Bremen and America 1837 Part 2 (Conclusion) by John Siegmund Schramm Translated by Profesor Emeritus Erich Funke

  • Volume: 26-4 Item: 4 Date: September 2001 Purchase Now

  • Ask Ernie by Ernest J Thode
  • Early Germans In Pennsylvania And Virginia Two Colonies Two Separate Traditions by Dorothy A Boyd-Rush PhD and John T Humphrey
  • The Indiana Medical History Museum German-American Connections by Dr Robert A McDougal
  • A Short Description of my Voyage From Plech to Bremen and America 1837 Part 1 by John Siegmund Schramm

  • Volume: 26-3 Item: 3 Date: June 2001 Purchase Now

  • Conrad Easterly and Catherine Zirkle Easterly Early Pioneers in the Shenandoah Valley by EM Eastery & WF Easterly
  • Kocherthal
  • Palatines in the Hudson & Mohawk Valleys of New York State Was Your Ancestor One of Them by Rebecca Rector
  • The Ihrigs and the Beerfelden Area of Germany by Elizabeth McLendon
  • The Original Otstot Family Bible by Charles Mathieson Otstot

  • Volume: 26-2 Item: 2 Date: March 2001 Purchase Now

  • Some Related Families of Exweiler & Environs Saarland by Chris Anderson
  • Caspar Fitz of Ober-Florsheim Pfalz by Chris Anderson
  • Drive Frankie Crazy by Frances N & Francis N Stein
  • Sloshwines & Worse by Arta F Johnson
  • Ernies Excerpts by Ernest Thode
  • Ask Ernie by Ernest Thode
  • Emigrants from Pfaffenhofen Wurttemberg by Annette K Burgert

  • Volume: 26-1 Item: 1 Date: December 2000 Purchase Now

  • Some Related Families of Engstlatt Wurttemburg by Chris Anderson
  • Graff and Related Families of Rafz Switzerland by Chris Anderson
  • Western Europe Vital Records Index
  • Drive Frankie Crazy by Frances N and Francis N Stein
  • Ernies Excerpts by Ernest Thode
  • Ask Ernie by Ernest Thode
  • Begin with the Beerswiggers by Arta F Johnson
  • Publications Committee Agenda by Mearl Grabill
  • Announcements - Lower Saxony Alsace
  • Hans Hoffert of Schwaigern by Chris Anderson
  • In Memoriam - John Terrence Golden

  • Volume: 25-4 Item: 4 Date: September 2000 Purchase Now

  • The Yankee New England Churches Their German Roots and Relatives by Richard H Taylor BA DM
  • Archives in the United States
  • Time Line German Denominations in the UCC Tradition
  • German Evangelical United Denominations (Pietist)
  • German Evangelical United Denominations (Rationalist)
  • Congregational Mixed Mercer and Anti-Merger Groups
  • Judicatories and Geographic Spread of Major German Groups in the United Church of Christ Traditions
  • New England German Churches Connected to United Church of Christ Bodies
  • Major Reformed and United German Evangelical Churches in German-Speaking Europe
  • Palatine Poetry (Auswanderer-Lied)
  • A Reader Looks at CD-ROMs

  • Volume: 25-3 Item: 3 Date: June 2000 Purchase Now

  • An Interview an Old Letter and a Traveler by Dr Terrence M Punch
  • Why Do I Read Tombstones by Patricia A Fogle
  • The Ihrig Family of the Beerfelden Area Hesse Germany by Liz McLendon
  • Heimat/Homeland (Palatine Poetry) by Prof Dr Karl M Danner
  • German Legal Regulations for Ancestral Research by Hans-Peter Voss
  • Palatine Princes at New Getty Museum

  • Volume: 25-2 Item: 2 Date: March 2000 Purchase Now

  • Placing John Hellriegel - An Instruction by Michael E Hager
  • Lembach - Wingen - Climbach Families 1500-1725 by Rev Dennis A Kastens
  • Carl Schurz A Famous and Influential German Immigrant by Chester C Winter
  • German Emigrants to Slagharen Holland and the USA by Diane Rensing Hancock
  • Application for Emigration (Schleswig-Holstein) by Hans-Peter Voss
  • Palatine Poetry An Mein Vaterland by Konrad Kreuz
  • In Memoriam Dr Robert Carlyle Harsh

  • Volume: 25-1 Item: 1 Date: December 1999 Purchase Now

  • German and Swiss Redemptioners State Laws and the US Passenger Act of 1919 by Dr Richard B Simons
  • Communicating with Agencies and Individuals in Europe by Dr Roger P Minert

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