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Palatine Immigrant Table of Contents

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Volume: 32-3 Item: 3 Date: June 2007 Purchase Now

  • A Family Over Time By Paul Imhoff
  • Book Reviews By Clara Harsh
  • Selected Interesting Books By Clara Harsh
  • A German Family Becomes An American Family By Mary J. Manning
  • Ask Ernie By Ernest Thode
  • IAR Immigrant Ancestor Register Form and Instructions
  • Map Palatinat Eslectoral du Rhein chez D. de la Feuille Amsterdam

  • Volume: 32-2 Item: 2 Date: March 2007 Purchase Now

  • From the Bavarian Forest to Kansas on the Trail of American Franz by Reinhard Hofer
  • Town Portraits Arnswalde by Joyce Jungemann
  • Two Hildebrand Puzzles from York and Washington Counties Pennsylvania and Zurich Canton Switzerland by Margaret H Weiler PhD
  • The Hambach Festival of 1832 by Dr Hans Jurgen Wunschel
  • Ask Ernie by Ernie Thode

  • Volume: 32-1 Item: 1 Date: December 2006 Purchase Now

  • Brucken Bauen - Versonhnung Leben (Building Bridges - Lives Reconciled) by Deborah G. Vaughn
  • Town Portraits: Wallmow, Retzin and Stegemannshof by Joyce Jungemann
  • What is the Standard of Proof in Genealogy? by Clara Harsh and Dr. Robert McDougal
  • Ask Ernie by Ernie Thode
  • Macht Hoch Die Tur

  • Volume: 31-4 Item: 4 Date: September 2006 Purchase Now

  • No Relief from Previous Warnings: Pitfalls As Hitherto! A Continuation of Germans to America The Superfluous Edition by Prof Dr Antonius Holtmann translated by Prof Dr LaVern J Rippley
  • Ask Ernie by Erie Thode
  • Westphalia Map 1648
  • European Towns Bienenbuttel and Grunewald by Joyce Jungemann
  • Index to Volume XXXI Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4

  • Volume: 31-3 Item: 3 Date: June 2006 Purchase Now

  • Preparing for your Research Trip by Mary Lou Delahunt
  • Ask Ernie by Ernest Thode
  • Learning the History of Anna Catharina Ruby by Verna Forbes Wilson
  • Offen Steine by James Derheim
  • Recycling Graves in Germany
  • Family Tradition by Arlene Huss
  • Friedrich Karl Franz Hecker by Prof Dr Karl H Danner

  • Volume: 31-2 Item: 2 Date: March 2006 Purchase Now

  • Elizabeth of Bohemia by Kathleen Spaltro and Noeline Bridge
  • Town Portraits - Beerfelden and Gammelsbach by James Derheim
  • Tagebuch des Captain Andreas Wiederholdt vom 1776-1780 Part II (Translated Excerpts from a German Hessian Officers Diary in the American Revolutionary War) Edited by Charles W Heckert
  • Ask Ernie by Ernest Thode

  • Volume: 31-1 Item: 1 Date: December 2005 Purchase Now

  • My Schlabers in Germany by Lynne Sanford
  • Internet Sources to Help You Decipher German Handwriting
  • Emerging German Emigration Databases by Ernest Thode
  • Town Portraits - Gelnhausen by James Derheim
  • Tagebuch des Captain Andreas Wiederholdt vom 1776-1780 Part I (Translated Excerpts from a German Hessian Officers Diary in the American Revolutionary War) Edited by Charles W Heckert
  • Ask Ernie by Ernest Thode

  • Volume: 30-3 Item: 3 Date: June 2005 Purchase Now

  • Palatines in the Duchy of Brunswick/Hannover by Professor Karl H Danner
  • The New German Emigration Center by Don Heinrich Tolzmann
  • The Palatine Farmstead at Rhinebeck by Nancy Kelly
  • Michael Yohes Grave Two Errors Set in Stone by Jane Yohe Lahey JD
  • Prussian Ruler Genealogy
  • Wilhelm II by Becky Thornton
  • Annegers and Farm List
  • Ask Ernie by Ernest Thode

  • Volume: 30-2 Item: 2 Date: March 2005 Purchase Now

  • In search of Mathias Masser by Charles and Marcia Masser
  • German Church Records by Dr Arta F Johnson (reprinted from Palatine Immigrant Spring 1979 issue
  • Featuring Your Immigrant Ancestors
  • Frederick Drajeske (Drajewski) and Katherine (nee Schemanski) Drajeske by Phil Drajeske
  • Henry Rumpf and Elizabeth Schaub Rumpf by Robert H Rumpf
  • Ask Ernie by Ernest Thode

  • Volume: 30-1 Item: 1 Date: December 2004 Purchase Now

  • Professional Family History Researchers and Their Clients Working Together for the Common Good by Roger P Minert PhD AG
  • Researching an Ancestors Gift of a Church Bell by Dr Ruth Goos Brantley
  • Ask Ernie by Ernest Thode

  • Volume: 29-4 Item: 4 Date: September 2004 Purchase Now

  • Selim Armentrout His Mark during the Civil War March 13 1862-June 101865 by Daryl R Armentrout PhD PE
  • Volume XXIX Index

  • Volume: 29-3 Item: 3 Date: June 2004 Purchase Now

  • Emigration from the German States by Dr Arta F Johnson
  • Frederick Brandt Sheep Farmer by Compiled by Becky Thornton and Clara Harsh; Author Unknown
  • Ask Ernie by Ernest Thode

  • Volume: 29-2 Item: 2 Date: March 2004 Purchase Now

  • Ask Ernie by Ernest Thode
  • Using DNA Testing to Identify Ones Palatine Origins by Gary L Van Zandt
  • Identifying the Mysterious Anna Kunigunda Mohr Widow and Her Two Sons Johannes and Phillip Mohr
  • 1709 Palatines The Trail from Oberhausen Pfalz to the South Branch of the Potomac River Hampshire County Virginia (now Moorefield Hardy County West Virginia) by W Cary Anderson EdD
  • German Immigrants in Indiana Church Records

  • Volume: 29-1 Item: 1 Date: December 2003 Purchase Now

  • Emigration from Hohenwettersbach (Baden) in the 18th and 19th Centuries by Dr Ruth Goos Brantley
  • Ask Ernie by Ernest Thode

  • Volume: 28-4 Item: 4 Date: September 2003 Purchase Now

  • Breach of Promise Suit by Dr Arta F Johnson
  • Hermann a German Hero by Clara Harsh
  • False History of the Civil War The Historical Marker at Franklin Parkin Columbus Ohio by Terry Foenander
  • Memorial to Klaus G Wust

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