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Palatine Immigrant Table of Contents

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Volume: 09-4 Item: 4 Date: Spring 1984 Purchase Now

  • Palatines to America History and Development by Robert S Rudy
  • Poor Palatines Escape from Suffering in the Palatinate through a Difficult Voyage to a Strange World by Joachim Hemmerle & Dieter Preuss
  • Emigrants from Wied-Runkel to America in 1748 and 1749 by Terrence M Punch
  • Some Practical Aspects of Dialectical Discussions by Julie M Overton
  • Writing and Publishing Your Family History by Arta F Johnson
  • The Nonee Will County Illinois Connections of Carl Schurz by Ronald Otto
  • United Brethren in Christ Circuit Riders by Michael K Vennum
  • From the Odenwald to Baltimore 1831 by Ella Gieg
  • Five Sons in the Revolution by Dorothy Worman Swezak

  • Volume: 09-3 Item: 3 Date: Winter 1984 Purchase Now

  • Points to Ponder About German-Americans by Ilsedore M Edse
  • Variations on a Theme The Spelling of a Common Name by Robert B Klinger
  • Unscrambling the German-American Churches by David H Koss
  • German-Americans General Americans and Other Americans Part 2 by Geart B Droege

  • Volume: 09-2 Item: 2 Date: Autumn 1983 Purchase Now

  • Excerpts from the Guest Book of the Mennonite Family Zeissets in Denzlingen on the Edge of the Black Forest near Freiberg West Germany 1979-1983 provided by Mildred B Pettigrew
  • German-Americans General Americans and Other Americans Reflections of a Double-Hyphenated Chicagoan) Part I by Geart B Droege
  • The French Huguenot Palatine Lancaster County Connection A Treatise on the French Huguenot Roots of the Royer Family of Lancaster County by Donald M Royer
  • Mennonites in the Palatinate by Alfred Hans Kuby

  • Volume: 09-1 Item: 1 Date: Summer 1983 Purchase Now

  • Facts and Fables About the Pennsylvania Germans by Paul C Dunkelberger
  • Comments on Religious Changes and Errors in Sources (with reference to Baltimore Maryland searching) by Carolyn Ningard Behrendt
  • English or German as Our National Language by Lessy L Weirich
  • Brief Historical Sketch of The Blooming Grove Colony and Meeting House by David C Ulmer
  • The Bowman (Baumann) and Fox (Fuchs) Families Descendants of Palatines to New York in 1710 by Beatrice Mae Ande Beck
  • Who Did Cathrina Botdorf Marry Christopher or Christian Noecher by Maragaret Dieringer
  • Heirloom by Kathryn E Utz

  • Volume: 08-4 Item: 4 Date: Spring 1983 Purchase Now

  • The Kraichgau of Baden by Robert S Rudy
  • Why Our Pennsylvania Dutch and Scotch-Irish Ancestors Came to America by Robert B Klinger
  • An Account of the Estate of Stephen Wonder an 18th Century Pennsylvania German by Gregory W Wonders
  • A Palatine Descendant - 1896 Will of Charles W Hoffmann Grandson of Immigrant John Hoffmann by Charles E Brengle
  • The Irish-Palatines of Kilcooly by Marjorie Smeltzer

  • Volume: 08-3 Item: 3 Date: Winter 1983 Purchase Now

  • Some 18th Century Emigrants to America from Durlach Wuerttemberg-Baden Germany by Clifford Neal Smith
  • Land Records An Important Resource for Genealogists by David & Ellen Berry
  • Hannas Town County Seat of Westmoreland County Pennsylvania by Ruby Fennel Ralston
  • They Kept Their Bargains by Betty Bandel
  • In Memoriam Montfort H Schaffner

  • Volume: 08-2 Item: 2 Date: Autumn 1982 Purchase Now

  • Germans in Milwaukee by Kathryn K Utz
  • Passengers on the Pearl 1752
  • So Sleeps the Pride of Former Days (Der Strandfreidhof Cemetery Lunenburg Township Nova Scotia) by Barbara W Elwell
  • German Genealogical and Musical Cassette Tapes
  • Genealogical Searching in Local German Church Records by Ronald Otto
  • Post Palatine St Louis by Riley R Eddleman
  • Palatines Can Be Irish Too by Marjorie R Smelzer
  • In Memoriam L Dewitt Agler

  • Volume: 08-1 Item: 1 Date: Summer 1982 Purchase Now

  • Remember Church Histories An Overlooked Source by William F O'Dell includes profile of Reverend John Jacob Baer
  • Don't Believe It Without Proof by Robert B Klinger
  • Paper Products to consider for the Family Book by Dale O Milloy
  • Builders of the Fort at Hannastown Westmoreland County Pennsylvania by Ruby Fennell Ralston
  • German-American Genealogical Research Tips by John Terence Golden
  • William Stover of Virginia by Nancy B Fratt

  • Volume: 07-4 Item: 4 Date: Spring 1982 Purchase Now

  • My Search for Illustrious English Ancestors by Carol Wells
  • Name Swicord Schweikert Swidger by Geart B Droege
  • Doctor Henry Propst A Colorful German Physician by JK Rouse
  • Letter from the Anabaptist Community in the Upper Palantinate above Mannheim 1732 (Correction of what was printed in Volume XII #2)
  • Another Ocean to Cross Genealogical Computing by Paul Arthur Andereck
  • Brief History of the Freusburg/Fischbach Parish by Angelika Lemmer
  • Offer Made Offer Taken Passengers on the Ann to Nova Scotia 1750 by Terrence M Punch
  • The German Ancestry of Thelmanus Weschenbach (Dilman Washabaugh) edited by Anne B Donahy authored by Lindsley Bailey and Stephen Donaghy

  • Volume: 07-3 Item: 3 Date: Winter 1982 Purchase Now

  • A Special Visit by Audrey Gates Risser
  • Letter from Hans Vlamingh in Obersulzheim 1671
  • The Great American Novel by Valoe Vaugh Brink
  • Governor Spotswood's Germans by Mildred Riling
  • The German Ancestry of Thielmanus Weschenbach (Dilman Washabaugh) by Anne B Donaghy
  • Early History of Frankenmuth Michigan by Joyce Trier

  • Volume: 07-2 Item: 2 Date: Autumn 1981 Purchase Now

  • Letter from the Anabaptist Community in the Upper Palatinate Above Mannheim 1732 (Corrected in Volume VII #4)
  • A Problem Gift (New Jersey) by Ferne Reedy Lubbers
  • Geier and Kegarise Surnames Derived from Bird Names by Geart B Droege
  • Palatines of the Mohawk Valley by Jean MacNeish Rand (with note by Hank Jones)
  • Tracing Ancestors into and out of New York State by John D Austin Jr
  • The Pennsylvania Germans of the Allemengel Area Editorial Review with Material from Warren J Ziegler
  • In Memoriam Harvey E Harsh by Robert S Rudy

  • Volume: 07-1 Item: 1 Date: Summer 1981 Purchase Now

  • Foreign Protestants In Nova Scotia 1750-1752 by Terrence M Punch
  • Johannes Heidle's Letters to Germany by Freidrich R Wollmershauser
  • The Hidley Family In America by Warren F Broderick
  • Lady Clothilde de Balois Zeller The Little Lady Who Wasn't There by Jane Bottorff
  • Immigrant Ships by Paul A Darrel
  • The Little Red-Haired Boy by Dorothy Lavery
  • Everybody Has Problems by Arta F Johnson
  • Books for Beginning Genealogy by Dorothy H Paul
  • Outside Pal-Am Project Reports-the Palatine Families of New York by Hank Jones
  • The Pennsylvania German Society by Annette Burgert
  • The Hessian Registry by MA Schwalm

  • Volume: 06-4 Item: 4 Date: Spring 1981 Purchase Now

  • German Migration Into and Out of Pennsylvania by Milton Rubincam
  • German Church Records in Western Pennsylvania by Paul M Ruff
  • Church Archives Relating to Pennsylvania Germans by Ruth B Allen
  • Worship in Lutheran Churches in the 18th Century by Frederick S Weiser
  • Court Records of Pennsylvania by Helen S Snyder
  • Our Keystone Families by Schuyler C Brossman
  • The Pennsylvania Bureau of Land Records Historical & Museum Commission and the State Library of Pennsylvania

  • Volume: 06-3 Item: 3 Date: Winter 1981 Purchase Now

  • Switzerland by Maralyn A Wellauer
  • The Huguenots by Vera D Reeve
  • French Protestants in the German States by Lloyd B Mann Jr
  • They Came From Europe by John W Heisey
  • German Emigration and Immigration by Larry O Jenson
  • The Branch Genealogy Library (LDS) by Jennie Evans
  • Mennonite Worship Services by Harold S Bender
  • A Breach of Promise Suit by Arta F Johnson

  • Volume: 06-2 Item: 2 Date: Autumn 1980 Purchase Now

  • Migration Trails of the Eastern United States by Merlin C Finnell
  • Migration Trails Maps by Eva M Fennell
  • German Settlement in the Carolinas Georgia and Virginia by Clifford Neal Smith
  • The Preservation of Documents by Bonne McDannald
  • The Reimer Ghost by Francis A Merrick
  • Little Rhineland by William J Schock

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