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Indiana Chapter of Palatines to America German Genealogy Society

  • The fall meeting of the Indiana Chapter, Palatines to America will be held on Saturday, October 20 at the Indiana Historical Society, 450 W. Ohio St., Indianapolis.

    The speaker will be Dr. Wolfgang Grams, Ph.D. from University of Oldenburg, Germany, expert on emigration, and owner of  “Routes to the Roots.,” a heritage tourism  business. He will give four presentations:

    • Hurra, wir fahren nach Amerika, Travel Patterns during the Age of Sail
    • Hurra, wir fahren nach Amerika, Travel Patterns during the Age of Steam
    • German Resources and Research Strategies (including Facts and Fiction)
    • Best Travel through Germany (Heritage tourism)

    For further details about the meeting or a registration form click /palam_update/resources/2018-10-20-fall-meeting-flyer-wolfgang-grams-final.pdf

    For questions, send an e-mail to

Indiana Chapter PALAM 

The Indiana Chapter was the second state chapter of Palatines to America to be formed. The first organizational meeting was held at a private home in 1976. The first formal meeting of the chapter was held April 16, 1977. The chapter holds a spring meeting and a fall workshop, with a wide variety of speakers and topics. A quarterly chapter newsletter is an additional benefit of membership. Robert A. McDougal, M.D., chapter member and past-president, has compiled indexes of three German groups, the "Athenaeum Turners", the "Indianapolis Gardeners", and the "Pioneers of the North American Turners". These indexes relate to periods dating from 1862 to 1918. For access, please see the Special Features box on the National home page.

Chapter officers:
President - Bob Suhr
Vice-President - Karen Zimmerman
Recording Secretary - Jane Feit 
Corresponding Secretary - Grace Saatman
Treasurer - Barbara Clisham

For further information, please send an e-mail