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The Spring Meeting of the Indiana Chapter, Palatines to America will be held on Saturday, April 8 at the Indiana Historical Society, 450 W. Ohio Street in Indianapolis. The speaker will be Dr. Roger Minert, internationally renowned genealogist and professor of religious education at Brigham Young University.  He is widely recognized as one of the preeminent authorities in Germanic genealogy in the United States and this is only the second time that he has given presentations in Indiana in his career. He is the author of more than seventy books and articles on German family history research and German pedagogy. His areas of expertise include German family history research, German language/dialects in old vital records, German and paleography. His areas of research include History of German church records, German immigrants in the United States, deciphering archaic manuscripts, and German Latter-day Saints in World War II. Among books that he has published are German Immigrants in American Church Records, Volume 1, Indiana Protestant. This series now encompasses 19 volumes in 10 states. His most recent book is German Census Records 1816-1916: the When, Where, and How of a Valuable Genealogical Resource.  He will give four presentations:

  • “Status in German Society  1500-1800 – Where did your ancestors Fit In?”
  • “Gazetteers in Germany”
  • “Census Records in Germany”
  • “Communicating with Agencies and Individuals in Europe

He will also be available to answer personal research questions. The order of registrations received will be used to determine the order for asking those questions.

For registration a registration form, click /palam_update/resources/2017-04-08-spring-meeting-flyer-final-v5.pdf

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