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Researching German Speaking Ancestors

Germany, Austria, Alsace, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Poland
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Ancestor Chart All Name Index

The Ancestor Charts are pedigree charts that Palatines to America members have submitted detailing their ancestry as far back as possible. This collection of charts resides in 3-ring binders in the Resource Center in Columbus, OH. Currently there are over 130,000 names in the Ancestor Charts.
The all name indexes listed below show names listed in charts by the first letter of the surname. You may click on a letter and scan the index file or use the “find” feature to locate a name, Ctl F (PC) or Apple F (iOS). Be sure to search for name variants. You may also download the file for offline viewing.
When you find a name or names that might be of interest to you, copy the name(s) and Volume number(s) onto the Research Services Request Form and follow the instructions on how to send the form to PALAM Headquarters in Columbus, OH.

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